Plant Genomics Research Lab. is located in the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics at the Istanbul University. Our Department which was funded in 1982 as “Molecular Biology Section” inside of the Biology Department, and was one of the leading institutions in Turkey, established research in the discipline of molecular genetics.

Major activities in the Lab:

Changes in genome structure regulate phenotypic variation and have important roles in adaptation of plants. Identification of genes associated with abiotic (water deficit, salt stress etc) and biotic stresses and elucidation of their roles are two main topics of plant genomics. Resolution of these mechanisms may lead to production of stress tolerant plants via biotechnology. Our Lab. focuses on the cloning, characterization and comparative analysis of monocot orthologs of key proteins (eg. Dehydrin3, VIP1, G-alpha subunit) which have been first investigated in model plants, such as Arabidopsis.

Different methods including qPCR, gene transfer (Agrobacterium-mediated, electroporation), bioinformatics, protein interaction assays and recently metagenomics analyses are performed in our Lab.


Dr. Elif Çepni Yüzbaşıoğlu

Dr. Cüneyt Uçarlı

Dr. Nadia El Sarraf

Muzaffer Arıkan (PhD student) Thesis: “Shotgun Metagenomic Analysis of Microbial Composition of Kombucha”


Dr. Ozge Karakas Metin


Dr. Murat Kemal Avcı


Dr. Feyza Tufan

Dr. Burcu Karahalil

Rossella Scapillati

Dr. Michele Faralli

Elif Karlık

Süleyman Çaputlu


Prof. Berna Tunalı (Ondokuz Mayis University, Turkey)

Prof. Yelda Özden Çiftçi (Gebze Technical University)

Prof. Vitaly Citovsky (Stony Brook University)

Assist. Prof. Z. Neslihan Öztürk (Nigde University, Turkey)

Dr. Daniele Rosellini (Perugia University, Italy)

Dr. Liam McGuffin (Reading University, UK)


Facilities in our Lab. (and Department)

Plant Growth Chamber (Angelantoni ECOCHL 700)

Plant Growth Chamber (Angelantoni)

Plant seed storage cabin

Confocal Microscope (Leika)

Laminar flow (Heraeaus)

Shaker incubator

Electroporator (Eppendorf)

Hybridization incubator


Vaccuum dessicator


Roche LightCycler (Department)

BioRad qPCR

Fluorescent Microscope (Olympus)

Inverse Microscope (Olympos)

Osmometer (Knauer)

Conductivimeter (Horiba)

Thermal Cyclers

Gel Image analyzer

-80 Deep Freezer

-20 Deep Freezer

Liquid nitrogen equipment

For Internship: Please contact to Dr. Filiz Gürel with your recent CV


Telephone : 90-212-455 57 00 ext 15150



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